We provide one-on-one coaching for anyone who could use some guidance and mentoring at their particular career stage.

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Workshops & Training

Get your team comfortable with data and analytics, and help integrate it into their roles.

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Organizational Efficiency, Facilitation, Strategic Planning

Making the most of every day isn't just a sound bite. We'll help you focus on what's important, and make your team more productive and engaged.

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Business Analytics

We have more data than ever at our fingertips. We'll analyze it to help you spend less, do or make more, and have more insight into your business.

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Studio C Solutions

Over the years, I have spent a lot of time working with data and on organizational efficiency, and on ways to talk with people about it. I have coached and mentored many friends and co-workers, and I had the good fortune to have great mentors too. These are valuable experiences, and ones I love to share. And when you mix in a passion for data and how we can use it in our lives, this combination is a wonderful way to look at things, and help make what you care about work for you. Let’s talk



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What to expect? For facilitation, strategic planning, optimization, workshops, and analytics, the first step is a free consultation. We provide a wide range of services, workshops and training, and you might want them all, or just one. There will be no sales pitch and no pressure. So click through, choose initial consult, and set up a time that works for you. For those interested in Coaching, just go to the scheduling page and grab a free initial Business Coaching spot on the calendar.