Analytics Certification Complete!

Received my professional certification in data analytics. The exam was the final step in the process. So happy to finish this process. It’s been a long road and a lot of work, but the subject matter is one of my great passions, so that made spending all the time and effort so much easier. This ranged from data handling and structure, classic scientific method, statistics and hypothesis testing, machine learning methods and algorithms, to amazing simulations and optimizations.

Certification stored here:

Chuck McDanal has more than 25 years of experience in a range of roles, from managing an IT department to working as an editor; from directing a large operation to leading an internet startup and creating a 501(c)(3) nonprofit from the ground up. He has extensive experience in process improvement, data analytics, coaching, mentoring, facilitation, strategic planning, managing and leading. Chuck also is an RRCA-certified running coach, has a certificate from the Wharton School in Business Analytics, and is a Six Sigma Black Belt. He serves on multiple community boards and organizations, and is a graduate of Leadership Lakeland and Leadership Polk