Individuals at Work

Is your work not getting done the way you’d like?

Are you ready to make a change?

Trying to figure out why you don’t like your job as much as you used to?

Having some trouble with your coworkers or your boss?


Are you struggling to connect with your team and get the results you need?

Do you wonder whether you have the right team?

Do you have questions that a look into your data will help you answer?

Business Owners

Are you still in the right business for the right reasons?

Are your goals clear?

Does your team support you in achieving these goals?

Do you have the right people on your team doing the right work?

Can you reduce expenses on overhead, operational and administrative costs?

Would it help your decision-making process to review strategy and priorities, and to have more key metrics at your fingertips?

Away from Work

Do you struggle with work/life balance?

Do you need guidance on getting more involved and active in your community to start giving back?

Why Coaching?

This is a simple, yet powerful, tool. It is a wonderful thing when the focus is on YOU, when we talk about YOU.

So often we hear "it's not about you," and it's usually good advice. But this time, it really is all about you.

Three to six sessions is typical, but it can be as little as one session for something very specific.

Next Steps...

Ready to start? Just go to the scheduling page and grab a free initial consult for Business Coaching spot on the calendar. The rate for coaching is $100 per hour.

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