Why Train?

Seems like an unnecessary question. But most of us know it’s not. When we have good people in our organizations, we love to see them do well and grow. So let’s take a minute to think about what WE are doing to foster that.

  • Did you promote a shiny employee to a managerial role?
  • How are you helping that star become a good manager?
  • Are you spending one-on-one time weekly to talk about that, and not just about the business and the tasks at hand?
  • Are you providing training, whether internal or external?
  • What about regular feedback?

I know, I know, so many questions. But often we promote people and then forget to help them succeed. Or we have new employees and don’t do much but show them a desk, where the restroom is, and how to do their tasks. If you see yourself in here, then let’s talk. Whether you’re the person who promoted, or got promoted, we can help. There are quick and powerful things you can do to start changing this.

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