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Being Friends With Data

Normal & Weird: An introduction to practical and easy-to-understand insights into data and analytics. We look at data, data collection, and statistical variation.

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Visualizing Data

Make It Make Sense: Making your numbers useful with an introduction to visualizing data, pivot tables, and charts. We wrap this into a discussion about best practices so your visuals tell the right story.

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Using Data I & II

Finding the Sweet Spot & Seeing the Future: A look at predictive and prescriptive analytics. We introduce forecasting; then modeling, simulations, and optimizations that can guide you to better planning, pricing and production strategies. You’ll leave with useful tools and information you can apply to your organization that will help you drive results and make better decisions.

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Building Data Into Your Life

Always Easier With the Right Tool: Business Intelligence and Business Analytics: What they are, whether you actually need them, how they can help. Dashboards no one uses are a waste of time and money. We focus on finding key metrics, and tracking and presenting them in a useful way.

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The Thing We All Do: We dive into working better with your boss and your co-workers, and look at some simple strategies to have a better work day.

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The Part of Your Job Everyone Ignores: Strong employees frequently move into management roles with little guidance and training. They are often expected to keep doing their “regular” job too, and just “fit in” that management work. Let’s tackle that.

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The Thing All the Books Talk About: So many books, buzzwords, and fads. Let’s cut through all that and focus on the leader you need to be in the role you have.

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Getting Efficient

The Deep Dive: We look at the process of an intensive review into an organization’s operation. Everywhere you can save money is more to use to grow the business or put in your pocket.

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Making It Better

Sigma What? An overview of Six Sigma and Process Improvement. Once used largely for manufacturing process improvement and control, Six Sigma and related strategies became all the rage to implement across all organizational structures and processes. This has faded in welcome ways, and outside of production environments, is best used in targeted areas to improve any organization’s operations and reduce its costs.

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